How to Simultaneously Fuel Both Your Car AND Coffee Addictions

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A bed of Cobras.

Washington, D.C. is notorious for clogged streets and bridges, road-raging drivers, crazy taxis, and careless pedestrians. For those in D.C. who own cars, parking is slim to none and pot holes are as common as pigeons. Poor suspension. In short, the Capital is the opposite of a driver/car-lovers paradise.


Thankfully, the concrete jungle of D.C. is surrounded by a myriad of curving, picturesque roads and not-so secret hang outs for gear-heads and their roadies. For the next few weeks I am going to be giving you the inside scoop on some great places in the D.C. Metro area for racing fans, car-lovers, and joyriders.

Take the kids, take the dog. Break out that classic car that has been sleeping in the back of the garage and enjoy the weather.  It is summer, after all!

**Note: Dear Readers, if you have any good recommendations for great places to visit, comment below!

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A Jaguar, Lotus, and Alfa Romeo get cozy at a nearby deli.

Pit Stop #1: “Concours d’Elegance” of Virginia

Synchronize your watches to 0-six hundred, ladies and gents!  You’re going to be rising with the roosters.

Crazy, I know, but the first time I attended “Katie’s Cars and Coffee” was the previous weekend. It wasn’t that I hadn’t heard of it — more like I was too lazy to make myself get up at 5:30am and drive all the way out there from D.C. , but, I wish I had done it earlier.  It is definitely worth it.

Katie’s Coffee is a coffeehouse located on Georgetown Pike in Great Falls, VA. Every Saturday morning from 6:30am-9:30am, car enthusiasts gather in the parking lots around Katie’s to swig some morning joe while admiring D.C. metro’s classic, exotic, and historical residents who spend most of their time in garages, drinking oil.


“Katie’s Cars and Coffee” is a classy affair; unnecessary, loud revs or excess speed in the parking lot are not allowed. While the point is to show off your ride, you won’t see any smack-talk or unstable testosterone levels like you would in a high school parking lot. We’re talking Ferraris, Cobras, Alfa Romeos, and Model Ts — not Pontiac Sunfires with stolen spoilers or outrageous rims.

If you are simply looking to see and enjoy the cars, feel free to show up whenever the alarm clock goes off.  For those of you who wish to bring your car on a play-date, you’ll have to be committed. Although the parking around Katie’s is extensive, the best spots start to fill up at 5:30am. There will still be openings at the “official” 6:30am start time, but they’ll be a little off the beaten track. Even then, no worries –people will find your car. Auto enthusiasts are like bloodhounds, they can smell a good car.

Katie’s isn’t quite like a museum tour, more like a self-guided tour. Many car owners will not stand with their cars — choosing to wander the aisles themselves — but some will choose to hang around near their parking spot and are happy to answer questions. Some lucky patrons might even get a special peek under the hood or get to hear a precious rev — or two. Pictures are allowed and comments to owners regarding their gorgeous cars are always appreciated. Most owners are just glad to be in a place where others appreciate their vehicle as much as they do.


So, just a quick refresher:

Who should go?

Car owners who need to get their “babies” out of the garage and into some sunlight, people who like the sight, smell, or sound of cars, families (well-behaved dogs are allowed on leashes), or early-risers who want something cool to do on a Saturday morning.

Where is it?

Katie’s Coffeehouse

760 Walker Road, Great Falls, VA 22066

Hope to see you all there, bright and early in the next few weekends!!

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Miura, Miura on the wall…


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