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Why They Love Usama, Hate Obama, and How Obama Uses the Same Tactic at Home

Why are tens of thousands of Middle Eastern Muslims chanting about how much they love Osama bin Laden and how much they hate Barack (Hussein) Obama?

Simple. Because bin Laden was a Muslim and an Arab (for the Arab demonstrators) and thus he was one of their people, someone from their side, whatever tactical disagreements they might have had with him. And Obama isn’t. No amount of groveling, apology, or money will change that fact.

Isn’t that clear?

I should quickly add that many Muslims don’t support the Islamists. In elections in Libya and Tunisia, a majority voted for non-Islamist parties. Even in Egypt, when the showdown came in the presidential election the Muslim Brotherhood candidate won by only a narrow margin. Most Lebanese don’t support the Islamists (the main force of which is Hezballah, a Shia group).

There are, of course, plenty of Islamists and they have lots of sympathizers. They can cite chapter and verse from Islamic holy texts.

Yet that doesn’t make all Muslims supporters of revolutionary Islamism or advocates of Shia totalitarian states, no matter how many times people who are ignorant about Islam and the Middle East run their little rants. Those rants are just as false as the “Islam is a religion of peace” nonsense.

But that’s not my point here. The key element for this article is this: when solidarity along group lines takes priority and the line is that all of “us” must unite against the “other” no matter what truth, logic, or justice dictates, then that means serious trouble.

Well, guess what?

That is the line of the Obama administration and its Newest Left supporters. All African-Americans should support the regime because Obama is black and anyone opposing him is a racist. All “Hispanics” should support the president because he really wants open borders and the turning of all illegal immigrants into citizens, while everyone else is a racist.

All women should support the ruling group and leftist ideology because it wants to give them free birth control and anyone on the other side hates women. And everyone who receives a government check has to support the regime or someone might take away their check. (Actually what’s most likely to take away their check is the bankruptcy of the programs due to overspending.)

In other words, the dominant forces in the mass media, academia, and the current government are tearing America apart by inciting interest groups to hate each other, to make war on each other, and to give loyalty primarily to their group — no questions asked.

And this is precisely the kind of thing that makes Middle Eastern Muslims, who even if they are Islamists like the Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafist groups and hated bin Laden when he was alive, opportunistically turn him into a martyr. The creation of a hysterical mob mentality for political gain is not restricted to the Middle East.