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Bulletin: What's Happening in Egypt Following Parliament Being Dissolved

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Note: This article on Egypt should be read in conjunction with my analysis of the situation.
Demonstrators are gathering in Tahrir Square to protest the high court's decision to dissolve parliament.
Question: Will they be only "liberals" or will Salafists and Brotherhood people participate, and in what numbers? So far demonstrations are very small with a march scheduled for 5pm Friday.
Will army allow demonstrations?
Question: What will Friday sermons in the mosques say about this, inciting to action?
In effect, the military is not only in control but has more power than it exercised in the February 2011-June 2012 period.
The court's rationale was that party lists ran for and took the one-third of the seats set aside for independents.
Question: What's the timeline? Just to speculate, new elections at end 2012 or beginning of 2013?
And then another six months--i.e., late 2013 for writing a constitution?
which would mean the army will rule for the next year plus.
Establishment candidate Ahmad Shafiq praises army.
Senior Muslim Brotherhood leader and lawmaker Mohammed el-Beltagy said the rulings amounted to a "full-fledged coup."
And what will happen in presidential election due early next week?