Biden Trip to G7 Summit in Japan Going About as Expected

There’s nothing we can do at this time to stop the Biden Collective from destroying our country, so we may as well point and laugh. I for one love Joe Biden’s trips abroad because they are rife with opportunities for the geezer-in-chief to humiliate himself and display to the world the weak, pathetic joke that is Democrat control of the United States.


Biden’s past antics in foreign countries include his “long and loud and impossible to ignore” bottom burp when meeting the then-Duchess of Cornwall and his reportedly soiling himself during an audience with the Pope. So when I heard that the so-called president was heading to Japan to act like the leader of the free world at the G7 summit, I gleefully rubbed my hands together in anticipation.

And the hilarious humiliations have been rolling in.

Right out of the gate, we discovered that Biden is no longer even trying to hide his excruciatingly detailed cheat sheets. Rather, he now lays them out in front of himself for the world to see. My Townhall colleague Sarah Arnold wrote:

President Joe Biden once again accidentally reveals a cheat sheet giving him notes for his G7 meeting.

Cameras captured a lengthy document giving a glimpse into specific instructions given to the 80-year-old President, highlighting what and when to say it.

However, upon closer look, the “talking points” sheet is actually a complete, pre-written transcript.

And so, the President of the United States sat in his chair and read his script like a good boy. And if he ever stumbles on a word, the nice voice in his earpiece is always there to get him back on track.


Speaking of stumbling, that is always a concern whenever Biden dotters about. Mostly his handlers were on top of things in Japan. But, good Lord, you must watch the video of the Bidens meeting with Prime Minister Kishida Fumio and his wife. If you ever had to go help your grandma pick up your grandpa from an extended hospital stay, you’ve seen a similar scenario play out.

The Bidens emerge unsmiling from their limo, faces drawn with stress at the perils ahead. Joe instinctively holds out his hand for Jill’s before he starts walking — a gesture that would be touching if he were simply enjoying his golden years as just another senescent retiree rather than pretending to be president. Jill takes his hand and the pair proceed at a glacial pace to where the Kishidas await them.

When the couples were finally face to face, they greeted their counterparts. Then Jill went alpha, aggressively shaking hands with the prime minister while her husband did an awkward bow/put-up-your-dukes move as she blocked him from greeting Mrs. Kishida. The Japanese couple then struggled heroically to wrangle the aged president into position for press photos. Once that was at last accomplished and it was time to start moving again, Joe’s hand again went out before he took a step. Jill took it and led him along while she handled all the talking duties.


Check out the 1:50 mark, where Biden catches the prime minister’s wife by the arm and flashes her his most charming leer. She tolerates it awkwardly for several seconds before visibly disengaging herself, then nearly trips as she attempts to put some daylight between herself and the president. The woman’s body language speaks volumes.

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And finally, it wouldn’t be a Biden trip if there wasn’t at least one incident of near-catastrophe on a flight of stairs. During a visit to the Itsukushima Shrine, Biden was challenged with an eight-step descent. After considering the task before him, the alleged president gathered himself and started off strong — then stumbled before doing that hilarious thing people do when they break into a jog to pretend they didn’t just almost fall.

There were other small, tell-tale incidents of encroaching dementia; Nick Arama over at our sister site Red State has a decent round-up. But sadly, Team Biden has shortened the trip — which was originally supposed to include a jaunt through Australia and Papua New Guinea — so that Joe can come back to the U.S. and pretend to negotiate a debt ceiling deal with Congressional Republicans. We can only think fondly of the staggers, flatulence, and blank, lost looks that could have been, as our fearless leader returns to the capital on Sunday.



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