Republican Challengers Starting to Surpass Incumbent Democrats in Governor Races

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The closer Election Day gets, the more evident it becomes that last summer was the high water mark for Democrats this election cycle. Republican candidates are now surging in earnest, in many cases overtaking their Democrat opponents. This is especially magnificent to behold in several high-profile races for governor, in which Republicans are starting to put daylight between themselves and the Democrats who have been torturing constituents with regressive left-wing policy.


Few Democrat governors are more deserving of going down in flames on Nov. 8 than scary fascist Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer. The Mich. witch famously banned outdoor activities such as golf and landscaping — to the extent that aisles of gardening supplies were ordered closed off in large stores that were otherwise open — as part of her China-strength stay-at-home executive orders during the COVID times.

Whitmer really loved her emergency powers, and Michiganders remember. On Friday, RealClearPolitics projected that Gretchen would suffer a defeat to Republican Tudor Dixon by nearly three points. Flip!

In dark blue New York, which hasn’t elected a Republican governor in 20 years, Rep. Lee Zeldin has surpassed current Gov. Kathy Hochul in a poll for the first time, 45.6% to 45.3%. Yes, yes, that’s not even a rounding error and completely within the 3.31% margin of error. Yet the same poll, which was released on Wednesday, finds New Yorkers have a more favorable opinion of Zeldin than Hochul at 40.8% to 36.5% — a 4.3-point spread. And Hochul’s unfavorable rating is even more impressive, at 48.6% to Zeldin’s 39.5% — that’s a 9.1-point difference. I live in the NYC metro market, and desperate Dems have been running non-stop negative ads about Zeldin. Clearly, it’s not working.


Polling has shown a 23-point swing to Zeldin in New York since August. Hochul is still ahead by an RCP average of 6.1 points, but the wind is at the Long Island rep’s back. With Zeldin pledging to tackle crime on day one and vowing he won’t mandate the controversial COVID shot for schoolchildren, New Yorkers may well be ready for a change.

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Meanwhile, RealClearPolitics is also projecting that the Wisconsin governor’s seat may soon be back in Republican hands. Current Democrat Gov. Tony Evers is the political opposite of Republican challenger, Army vet and construction-industry businessman Tim Michels. “Outsider, Veteran, Builder,” Michels sums himself up, and his commonsense, conservative “Blueprint for Wisconsin” seems to be appealing to cheeseheads this fall.

Stephen F. Sisolak, the Democrat governor of Nevada, is also fixing to become a one-termer, as Army vet Sheriff Joe Lombardo has consistently polled a couple points ahead of him since the beginning of September. With crime surfacing as this election’s hot-button issue (along with the economy), Lombardo is clearly the most attractive candidate for voters who yearn for old-fashioned things like law and order.


Long-time Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt, another law enforcement alpha male, is projected to snag the state from the control of Democrat Gov. Laura Kelly. On his website, Schmidt brags that he “took the Obama-Biden administration to court – and won. And he defended President Trump’s America First policies that grew jobs, promoted freedom and made our economy strong.” Sounds like he’s got the recipe to flip the Kansas governor seat and turn Kelly into yet another one-term Democrat wonder.

And finally, in a shock to East Coasters like myself who think of Oregon as the home of that Antifa-riddled s***hole, Portland, Republican Christine Drazan is favored to take the helm of state. Democrat nominee Tina Kopek, who’s been speaker of the Oregon House of Representatives for a decade, has a long record of pushing pro-criminal policies.

Oregon “is hosting an unusual 3-way race among a trio of women who are all recent members of the state legislature: former state House Speaker Tina Kotek (D), former state House Minority Leader Christine Drazan (R), and former state Sen. Betsy Johnson, an unaffiliated, former Democrat who is more conservative than most of the members of her former party,” notes Sabato’s Crystal Ball. The site adds, “Outgoing Gov. Kate Brown (D) is deeply unpopular, and there may be some desire for change in the Beaver State.” Flip!

As of now, it looks like at least five governor seats will flip from Democrat to Republican control on Election Day. Massachusetts and Maryland are projected to flip red-to-blue, but frankly, I’m shocked either of those states had a Republican governor to begin with, and neither was a true conservative.


As we’ve seen over the past two years, strong Republican governors are quintessential in the fight against globalist communism, both from the White House and abroad. They take measures against unbridled illegal immigration, ban big investment companies and banks that are more interested in pushing an agenda than helping clients prosper, force the removal of woke garbage from school texts, protect children from radical leftist groomers, and lead the lawsuits against illegal diktats such as Biden’s student loan voter bribe. More of them can only be a good thing for America.


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