NYC Goes Full Gotham as 'Green Goblin Gang' Rampages on Subway

Regular PJ Media readers already know that Democrat-controlled cities and states are increasingly succumbing to unchecked crime and violence. Activists, politicians, and prosecutors with agendas have both suppressed law enforcement and repealed bail laws, essentially giving criminals free rein to terrorize law-abiding citizens. The situation has become so commonplace that it’s barely worth reporting anymore. But a new girl gang in New York City is so over-the-top and bizarre in appearance that it wouldn’t be surprising if the Penguin or Catwoman showed up next.

Greenway Productions, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Dubbed the Green Goblin Gang by New Yorkers, a group of women covered head-to-toe in lime-hued morph suits terrorized people on a 42nd Street subway platform in the early hours of Sunday morning. Videos posted to social media show somewhere between six and 10 women, who appear to be in their teens or twenties, rampaging across the platform and entering a subway train, pausing to beat and rob two 19-year-old women as well as fight among themselves.

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Video posted to Reddit on Sunday showed the two victims being assaulted inside a subway car. In the foreground, one goblin hooks her foot into the strap of a victim’s handbag and then spins around the subway pole, flinging the woman across the car. Behind her, another goblin pulls a second victim into a headlock while repeatedly punching her in the face. Other goblins surround the two targets, yelling, punching, and shoving.

On YouTube, SuperFriends NYC posted a second video that was filmed from outside the train and shows the action on the platform. Over a period of nearly five minutes, the goblins cause chaos as they run amok on the platform and inside the subway car. One especially large goblin can be seen attacking the victims, leaving the car, then returning several times to beat them some more. Eventually, some bystanders remembered that they were men and encircled the victims, repelling the verdant villains.


“Yesterday was her birthday,” the mother of one of the victims told the New York Post on Monday. “This is how she spent her 19th birthday. I hope they get what they deserve and then some because it’s disgusting.”

The mom said the two girls were standing on the train platform, chatting and laughing, when the goblins swarmed the platform, bumping into her daughter as they passed. The girls got onto the subway, at which point the gang attacked them.

“[My daughter] was home from college. Now she’s getting chest X-rays and CAT scans,” the girl’s mother said. “She was supposed to be back in school this morning, but [she’s not] because of her injuries from being stomped in the head by 10 grown-ass women.”

“My daughter, thank goodness, has no marks on her face,” she added. “[She] has bruises on both of her arms and legs. One of them bit her shoulder. She has a bite mark through her clothes.”

The other victim’s mother told the Post that her daughter had been vomiting Sunday night and was awaiting a CAT scan Monday to check for concussion.

Besides the injuries they sustained, the victims were also reportedly robbed of a cell phone and a handbag.


While the goblins are a somewhat interesting development in the otherwise so-common-as-to-be-mundane street violence plaguing Gotham, they are also living proof that neon green skin-tight leotards are not for everyone.




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