The Georgia Ballot Harvesting Dam Is Starting to Crack

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Could this be why panicky Democrats are creating a Ministry of Truth? Is the truth about the 2020 presidential election — “the most secure election in history” — finally coming out? Large cracks are appearing in the Leftist dam of information, and the narrative is getting closer to collapse by the day.

Very few Americans actually believe Joe Biden got 81 million votes. And except for the people who refuse to see it, the irregularities in the 2020 election were glaring. But in every effort to get at the truth, Republicans were stymied by the Left’s inifinite loop of denial:


But some patriotic Americans decided not to lie back and accept the machinations of the anti-Trump globalist Left, and they did something about it. They gave their blood, sweat, and tears and conducted thorough investigations. Now, at least one of these investigations may be coming to fruition. An apparent massive ballot harvesting scheme is being exposed in the swing state of Georgia.

The first thing to know is that in 2019, Georgia passed a law making ballot harvesting a felony. An elector who can’t or won’t vote in person can mail in his/her vote, return it to the election office, drop it off at a dropbox, or designate a family member or caregiver to return the ballot for him/her. That’s it.

But thanks to the stubborn doggedness of True the Vote, an election integrity action group, a vast ballot harvesting operation that seems to have occurred in Georgia in 2020 (and possibly during the 2021 Senatorial runoff election as well) is being exposed.

During the lead-up to the 2020 election, Leftist activists used the COVID-19 panic as an excuse to wreak havoc in crucial swing states. They flooded target states with mail-in absentee ballots and dotted Democrat precincts with dropboxes. Once this groundwork was laid, it was just a matter of stuffing enough ballots into the boxes. Whether or not ballot harvesting was legal was apparently not a concern for these operators.

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Doing the work that the media and law enforcement wouldn’t, True the Vote obtained security camera footage of the ballot boxes as well as commercially available cell phone geolocation data. By comparing the information, the group identified thousands of ballot harvesters, called “mules,” who stuffed multiple ballot boxes with bundles of votes.

In Georgia, True the Vote located a witness, whom they refer to as John Doe, who told them he was paid $10 per vote he collected — and who earned thousands of dollars — ahead of both the Nov. 3 general election and the Jan. 5 runoff Senate election.

Just the News summarizes what True the Vote claims to have uncovered in Georgia alone:

The phone data bought by True the Vote overlaid with video suggested 242 people engaged in a total of 5,662 ballot drops, an average of 23 runs per alleged harvester …

And at each of those drops, the mules allegedly stuffed between five and 30 ballots into the box. Recall that Joe Biden allegedly won the state by 12,284 votes.

The group said many of the alleged drops — more than 40% of those observed on tape — occurred between the hours of midnight and 5 a.m., when most Georgians were asleep.

True the Vote had enough confidence in its evidence that it filed a complaint with Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger last November, claiming it had ample evidence of massive ballot harvesting operations conducted by nonprofit groups along with numerous activists.

By January 2022, Raffensperger confirmed that an investigation was underway. Now, in a major escalation, Georgia election officials have subpoenaed True the Vote. The state investigators are demanding: “recordings, transcripts, summaries, testimony, statements, witness interviews, notes, or other documents” related to the complaint filed by True the Vote; the identity and contact information of “John Doe,” his mother, several other witnesses, possible ballot harvesting participants, and researchers and investigators the organization contracted; all documentation of calls and tips sent to the organization; and other items as well.

The subpoena also asks for information True the Vote has uncovered regarding the financing streams of the operation and ten “hubs” in Atlanta out of which the operation was allegedly conducted.

True the Vote has not made any claims about whether or not the thousands of harvested votes were cast by legitimate voters. The point is that the manner in which the ballots were collected and cast was felonious. Ballot harvesting is outlawed in many states precisely because it can lead to situations where money can be dumped into target areas and operations set up to give one side an unfair advantage. Additionally, the practice can easily lead to illegitimate absentee votes pouring into an election along with the valid ones. It’s illogical to think that agents or organizations that are determined to cheat would commit the felony of organizing mass ballot harvesting but draw the line at casting fraudulent votes.

Conservative activist and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza worked with True the Vote to produce a movie, 2000 Mules, which will be released next week. The film details the investigation into widespread ballot harvesting and fraud in the 2020 election.

2000 Mules will tell the story of the election of 2020 and much awareness will be raised, but shining a light onto wrongdoing only does so much. Americans are sick and tired of seeing Leftists get away with blatant cheating, politicization of public resources and offices, and unethical and illegal behavior.

If Georgia’s investigation into organized ballot harvesting leads to actual arrests and punishment, it will be a great day for America. We are all weary of lengthy investigations that go nowhere and accomplish nothing, but perhaps this time will be different. Perhaps True the Vote and D’Souza’s movie will generate enough public pressure that the officials will be forced to do the right thing. And if Georgia does it, other swing states that were similarly compromised will be under immense pressure to do it, too.

In an interview on John Solomon Reports, Raffensperger said, “We’re gonna get to the bottom of it, and we’re gonna prosecute.”

From his lips to God’s ear.



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