I've Learned Some Wild Stuff Since I Came to PJ Media

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I’ve only been a full-time journalist for a few months. Before I came to work at PJ Media, I labored away at a desk job in various companies and industries for a couple of decades. But I was always interested in current events, both reading and writing about them. Matt Drudge’s 1998 revelationNewsweek had spiked the perfectly salacious scoop that the married President of the United States was schtupping a young, lowly intern in the Oval Office — opened my eyes to two things: the level of deception we’d all been subject to until that moment; and the potential of the internet to expose the stories the left didn’t want us to know.


Two other luminaries of the new media further shaped my outlook. The late, great Andrew Breitbart encouraged everyday citizens to use the phones they already carried and their internet access to become journalists, and he taught them that citizen-journalists were every bit as legitimate as the arrogant idols of the legacy media. And James O’Keefe showed the world that citizen-journalists could expose the hypocrisy Big Media tried to cover up — and make a real difference — when he partnered with activist Hannah Giles to reveal corruption at non-profit ACORN and get them defunded.

Just ten years ago, it seemed like the gatekeepers had finally been bypassed and the gates to unlimited news and perspectives had been flung open. But then, Big Tech slammed them shut again, using algorithms, unevenly enforced rules, and leftist censors to suppress anything contrary to the approved narratives. I’m pretty savvy and I thought I was still finding the real news, but coming to work at PJ Media showed me how much information I was actually being denied.

PJ Media is staffed by real journalists who, first of all, find the stories I’d never have heard about if I wasn’t plugged into this outlet. And second, they do the research to bring the truth to light. In just the three months I’ve been here, I’ve learned about so many things that never came to my attention before.


Did you know that …

… Mark Zuckerberg, Google, and other rich leftists flooded local election offices with paid operatives during the 2020 election “to take over election offices and use local government apparatus to turn out Democrat voters?” I never even knew that had happened before I came to PJ and started catching up on what I’d missed.

… The Biden administration flew at least 70 planeloads of illegal aliens from the Mexican border into Florida last summer? What madness is this? I learned about that governmental malfeasance when I was researching my own story about “ghost flights” — planeloads of illegal aliens that the Biden administration flies into small airports in the dead of night to hide what they’re doing.

… Globalist financial companies — likely including your own bank or brokerage — are assigning “ESG scores” to institutions and individuals alike as they lay the groundwork to simply cut off anyone or any company who doesn’t toe the globalist-communist line. I learned that from reading this terrifying PJ Media article, which also thankfully outlines a way to stop it from happening.

My point is that I didn’t even realize how much news I wasn’t being told until I joined the incredible staff of professional journalists here at PJ Media. It was, as Don Rumsfeld once explained, one of those things I didn’t know I didn’t know. Thank God for PJ Media and outlets like it who keep this information alive and available.


Of course, Big Left isn’t going to stand idly by while PJ Media tells the world what they’re up to. Editor Paula Bolyard detailed some of the attacks they’ve been launching on sites like this one. From the Biden administration sending lists of banned subjects to social media giants, to those platforms throttling our traffic, to tech infrastructure companies refusing services to sites with which they disagree, it’s a constant battle for conservative news services to stay online.

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