New COVID Variants Identified, No One Cares

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Quick, off the top of your head: How many COVID-19 variants can you name? I can name the first one, of course, whatever it was called; then there was delta, which was pretty virulent; and now that’s being overtaken by omicron. That’s pretty much all the variants I can come up with, even though I realize we’ve skipped over quite a few letters in the Greek alphabet to get to this point.

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Our Covidian overlords know they’re losing influence and power over us by the day. Free U.S. states like Florida and Texas have done away with forced pricks and masks, and they’ve prospered. Many countries — The U.K., Sweden, Ireland, Spain, and Mexico, for example — are dropping testing requirements for inbound vaccinated travelers and other measures. Major corporations such as Starbucks and Boeing are defying the Biden Collective’s imperatives and discontinuing their vaccine mandates for employees. And of late, prominent elites like Bill Maher and Bari Weiss are in open rebellion against the COVID Code of Conduct. Every day, more voices are raised in declaration: “I’m not doing COVID anymore.”

What’s a coronafascist who feels his grasp on power slipping through his fingers to do?

In the past, the move has been to whip out a new variant with which to scare the people back into line. Last summer, the delta variant was going to be “catastrophic;” in the fall, the new omicron flavor was supposed to be the most transmissible ever and drive hospitalizations and deaths through the roof.

But as time passed and nature took her course, delta (which really was rather nasty) lost the infection race to the milder omicron (which really did spread easily, even among those who were up to date on their shots), leaving an unprecedented number of people innoculated with their own antibodies. And along with the virus’s virulence, its ability to scare people has weakened considerably.

Now, new variants enter the news cycle and then fade away without a ripple.

Last fall, globalist elites tried to hype the mu variant when the World Economic Forum pimped WHO’s declaration of mu as a “variant of interest.” Yawn. And just this month, the IHU variant was identified in France, with 46 mutations, whatever that’s supposed to mean for us. Right on IHU’s heels comes the BA.2 subvariant, which was quickly given the ominous moniker of “stealth omicron” — ooooh, scary!

Except that it isn’t. Not anymore. COVID is blending into the background noise of frantic leftist narratives we’re supposed to shrink from in terror, along with climate hysteria and the white supremacists under the bed.

Meanwhile, COVID fatigue is real. It’s spreading faster than the latest hot new variant, and it’s going to be positively lethal to the ‘rona infrastructure of controls and self-enrichments. The collapse of the COVID narrative can’t come soon enough.



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