Follow the Science! Hospitals Accept Natural Immunity as Reason for Staff to Defer Mandated Vaccine

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Following a growing trend, several Ohio hospitals are allowing staff who have already recovered from COVID-19 infections to defer their mandated vaccines.

Premier Health, Kettering Health and the Dayton Children’s Hospital networks have all set a December 1 deadline for workers to get vaccinated against COVID-19, and all three networks are now accepting proof of natural immunity as a reason to defer compliance. “Natural immunity” refers to testing positive for coronavirus-targeting antibodies following a COVID-19 infection.


“This pathway was created because there is evidence that there is protection that arises from a previous infection,” explained Dr. Roberto Colón, chief medical officer at Miami Valley Hospital.

A major study out of Israel made waves last month when it showed natural immunity to be a superior defense against COVID-19 infection, even better than vaccination.

Many Americans have been arguing that vaccine mandates are unnecessary for people with natural immunity but have had to fight simply to have their argument heard. In July of 2020, a professor at the University of California-Irvine, Dr. Aaron Kheriaty, sued to be exempted from the school’s vaccination mandate because he had already recovered from COVID-19. A judge dismissed his case, but last August, another professor, Todd Zywicki, similarly sued George Mason University. (He dropped his lawsuit after the university mooted the issue by granting him a “medical exemption.”)

Last month, six Los Angeles Police Department officers filed a suit against the city’s employee vaccine mandate. The complaint states that “The city does not and cannot point to any evidence that vaccinated individuals have longer lasting or more complete immunity than those who have recovered from COVID.”

This statement contradicts the preferred rationale of pro-vaccine authoritarians, who claim that the jabs are necessary because no one knows how long protection created by recovery from COVID infection lasts. But the very same argument is true of the vaccines, which are already confirmed to lose effectiveness after six months.


Even the patron saint of medical fascism, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases director Dr. Anthony Fauci, admits that natural immunity might well be as effective as immunization. “It is conceivable that you got infected, you’re protected,” allows Fauci, “but you may not be protected for an indefinite period of time.”

While limited duration is a known weakness of COVID vaccines, it may not be the case with natural immunity. Isn’t that something worth studying? Perhaps the billions of tax dollars spent on producing, distributing, storing, and administering vaccinations could be greatly reduced. Countless potential adverse vaccine reactions and injuries could be avoided. Why, then, the fanatical push to vaccinate everyone, regardless of natural immunity status?

Some answers that come to mind aren’t flattering: the laziness of relying only on existing vaccine studies without having to study anything that might reduce reliance on government solutions; or perhaps the efficacy of demanding all citizens follow orders as a means of weeding out politically recalcitrant people and excluding them from the establishment.

In the meantime, more and more organizations are beginning to rely on the emerging science of natural immunity. The Kentucky Senate is considering a resolution that would treat natural immunity as equivalent to COVID-19 vaccination. In Pennsylvania, major health networks now accept natural immunity as cause for workers to defer mandated vaccinations.


These policies are developed and backed by actual doctors and scientists and represent overdue consideration of emerging scientific evidence. It’s also important to note that the doctors and scientists behind these proposals still recommend getting vaccinated, even if you have had a prior coronavirus infection, for maximum protection against serious illness and death from COVID infection.

“The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance; it is the illusion of knowledge,” goes the old saying. Thankfully, more and more medical policymakers are acknowledging the growing evidence of alternatives to forced mass vaccination of millions of people, against their will, who may well already have superior natural immunity.


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