Meet the Newest (and Bluest) Addition to Crayola's Crayon Box

Image via Twitter/Crayola

Grade school art projects and coloring books for both kids and adults alike will be introduced to the newest and bluest addition to Crayola’s iconic 24-count crayon box very soon, but make those “Dandelion” colored crayons last — the alternate yellow has been retired to make room for “Bluetiful.”


In 1990, Crayola decided to send a handful of well-loved colors to their “Hall of Fame,” including orange yellow, green blue, and maize, and they were replaced with brand new crayons like royal purple, teal blue, and dandelion. Crayola has made a few changes to their roster since then, including swapping out mulberry and magic mint for wild blue yonder and jazzberry jam, and crayon enthusiasts overwhelmingly voted to save burnt sienna from being shelved during Crayola’s “Save the Shade” poll.

It doesn’t matter if ’90s kids grew attached to the dingy pollen-yellow crayon, because Crayola officially retired dandelion in March, while introducing the bright new blue hue that would soon replace it. This bright cerulean color was accidentally discovered by a team at Oregon State University in 2009, while they were experimenting with materials that were to be used for developing electronic devices.


Since “YInMn blue” doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, Crayola asked the fans to name their new blue crayon as one of the following; “Dreams Come Blue,” “Star Spangled Blue,” “Blue Moon Bliss,” “Reach for the Stars,” and the ultimate winner, “Bluetiful.”

Crayola has not announced exactly when Bluetiful crayons will start appearing in their 24 packs, but they are expected to hit your local arts and crafts aisle by the end of the year.


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