Bernie Sanders Is Still a Dishonest Cretin

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I’ve written it before, but with Kamala Harris no longer in the upper chamber, Bernie Sanders took over the “dumbest senator in America” title this year — and he’s hard at work maintaining the crown.


The octogenarian continues to misunderstand basic math and lash out with lies.

The Biden agenda — which, sadly, is the Bernie agenda now — is the Vermonter’s last chance to vote for a litany of socialist programs to hurt America.

That’s because 11 months from now, Democrats will have their comeuppance at the ballot box and divided government will be the norm for at least two years; by the time Democrats ever return to power, Sanders will (hopefully) be gone.

So he’s embarrassing himself with his ignorance, desperation, and radicalism.

The latest prevarication is a classic:

The American people have expressed no such thing, comrade.

Even left-wing NPR recently explained, “Democrats have staked their political future on enacting President Joe Biden’s plans for trillions in social spending, but a new NPR/Marist poll shows that most voters are skeptical of the party’s proposals.”


Barely 40% of the survey’s respondents support the “Build Back Better” bill, the multi-trillion, economy-crushing social welfare boondoggle currently being negotiated in Congress. While nearly three-quarters of Democrats say they support the bill, only one in three independents do, and almost no Republicans agree with the idea.

This is not “support,” Bernie, and it’s the opposite of “overwhelming support.”

Sanders is a man who’s never had a real job, yet Democrats allowed him to lead the Senate’s Budget Committee. Being a socialist, he also has real problems grasping concepts such as “majorities.”

Again, even the liberal media sees through his lies and idiocy.

The Washington Post explained in October that Sanders frequently argues that Democrat Sens. Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema “shouldn’t be able to thwart what 48 of 50 Democratic and independent senators support,” as if the only majorities that matter are those within the Democrat caucus.

I’ve probably said this a dozen times, but it’s not just two senators standing in the way; it is at least 52, a bipartisan majority. Stalinists don’t like freedom of choice, I realize.


Only bills passed via legally dubious “reconciliation” require a simple majority, and a majority of the U.S. Senate does not support this one.

Sanders’ apparent position is that “democracy” requires a minority of senators to pass a bill that a minority of Americans supports, and that any failure to do so reflects a preference for “voter suppression,” the new myth pushed by left-wing bigots in a country where it’s never been easier to vote.

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Maybe Bernie should be concerned with the middle class and poor being crushed by the Biden administration’s policies.



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