Biden, Psaki Still Blame COVID for Crime and Looting in Democrat Cities

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

As objective observers note that nearly every measurable aspect of American life is worse than one year ago, the Biden administration simply blames the pandemic.


That happened yet again Thursday when White House press secretary Jen Psaki audaciously claimed COVID-19 is the culprit in an outbreak of looting and robberies around Democrat-run cities, especially in California.

“When a huge group of criminals organizes themselves, and they want to go loot a store, CVS and Nordstrom, a Home Depot, until the shelves are clean, you think that’s because of the pandemic?” Fox News’ Peter Doocy inquired.

The reply from Psaki was disappointing since it was so predictable:


Psaki also suggested that former President Donald Trump failed to allot enough federal money for local police.

Apparently, Psaki, raised in Greenwich opulence — and who’s never had a job outside Washington politics — doesn’t know that local crime is dealt with by local communities using local funds. But she is desperately trying to cover for her administration’s abhorrent policies and those pushed by her party in the nation’s largest cities.

Left-wing locales have insanely removed serious consequences for crime via disastrous measures like zero bail and other policies to handcuff cops, rather than criminals. While woke prosecutors in the Kamala Harris mold close their eyes and charge less, progressive judges dole out pitiably lenient sentences or set them free. We saw this debacle in Wisconsin, and now a half-dozen people are dead, with many more injured.


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When Californians passed Proposition 47 seven years ago, crimes like shoplifting and grand theft went from felonies to misdemeanors, including raiding a store for items totaling less than $950.

Crime has followed.

A mob of burglars broke into a Los Angeles Nordstrom last week. In a San Francisco suburb, 80 thugs stormed a Nordstrom last month, while another group hit Union Square, targeting high-end stores. After Walgreens closed stores in San Francisco, expect more businesses to follow, mainly for fear of robbery. No doubt ESPN elites will still say how wonderful San Francisco is when televising football and basketball games there, since they only jet in and out.



Circling back, Team Biden wants to use COVID, Trump, or even Americans, as excuses for messes they’ve created at the border, abroad, with crushing inflation, or a sputtering economy; and with media assistance, they will. But most regular folks will not believe them.


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