Biden Advisor Ignores Warnings From Election Defeats, Wants to Push Further Left

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Blind to reality and wholly dedicated to partisan politics, Democrats have ignored their major electoral setbacks last week and doubled down on their radical agenda.


The party even refuses to listen to its own strategists, or a Democrat congresswoman who’s been successful in the very places where they received backlash last week.

Rep. Abigail Spanberger, who’s twice won in a suburban Richmond district that was held by Republicans for 40 years prior, is someone with credibility. After the Tuesday shellacking, she told the New York Times “nobody” made Joe Biden president to pursue sweeping legislation similar to former President Franklin Roosevelt’s transformative New Deal, but rather they elected Biden to “be normal and stop the chaos.”

Needless to say, that has not occurred.

Asked on “Fox News Sunday” if Spanberger was wrong for this view, Biden’s senior advisor and former congressman Cedric Richmond surprisingly said she was.



“The president has an ambitious plan for the American People, for the American economy, and he’s going to invest in them,” Richmond added.

There is simply no evidence of this, numerically or otherwise. Even the left-wing New York Times editorial board is aghast at Democrats’ recent recalcitrance.


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But this is par for the course when ideology trumps reality.

Barack Obama’s Democrats also refused to moderate after their 2010 debacle — the worst losses in more than six decades — and the party still does not reside in political reality.

Despite Republicans’ huge Nov. 2 achievements and a split Congress, many — like the left-leaning historians who brainwashed the gullible Biden earlier this year — still think this is 1933 or 1965.

Charlie Cook, the veteran non-partisan election analyst, explained last month that a New Deal agenda is pretty tough to pull off with 91 fewer House and nine fewer Senate seats than FDR had. The party also has 73 fewer House seats and 18 fewer Senate seats than Lyndon Johnson did when he implemented the radical Great Society domestic programs.

“They are pretending they have political capital in the bank when the reality is, they are overdrawn,” Cook said. “Democrats pushed for way too much without having the political capital to make it stick. It’s killing them on overreach and it is killing them on competence. If misreading a mandate is a sin in politics, pretending that you have one when you don’t is a mortal sin.”


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