Biden's Chief of Staff Dismisses the Real Concerns of Millions of Americans

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Ron Klain is at it again.

The crazed chief of staff, worshipped by left-leaning media, retweeted a post from a former member of Barack Obama’s administration who claimed the current inflation and supply chain crises only affect “high class” people.




This is an obnoxious dismissal of the concerns of tens of millions — including yours truly, who saw his haircut jump from $18 to $23 this week — of Americans worried about price spikes on daily necessities this year.

What’s interesting is how Klain’s tweet conflicts with the White House warning consumers to expect higher prices and empty shelves during the upcoming holiday shopping season.

Klain and his Harvard pal’s views are also contradict a statement this week from a senior White House official, who noted “there will be things that people can’t get” as supply chain chaos heavily impacts the United States and the world.

Earlier Wednesday, President Joe Biden asked major corporations and international ports to maintain round-the-clock operations to help alleviate backlogs.


New inflation numbers this week, which the Biden administration long denied, likely prompted the president to call out companies involved in the global supply-chain bottleneck.

The COVID-19 pandemic caused a surge in imports, especially at the Port of Los Angeles — the top gateway for trade with China — where they are up 30 percent compared to last year. This has left at least 250,000 containers of goods stacked up on the docks due to delayed pickup.

The port congestion is a result of labor shortages, energy shortages, tricky weather, high demand for some goods, and more.

“Biden could do things that stop making the supply-chain problem worse,” John Fund wrote Thursday at National Review. “But instead, he’s playing King Canute and cracking the whip on the private sector to, damn it, fix the entire problem. All this just proves how little Biden understands his job or comprehends economics.”

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