WaPo Admits Bernie Sanders and The Squad Own Joe Biden

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In a 2,000-word piece Monday, a Washington Post writer explained how the Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC) is learning to love its newfound role in the “mainstream of the party during the Biden presidency.”


“They are no longer pushing policies from the wings hoping to get some of what they want into the Democratic agenda,” the story explains. “As many of CPC members have recently pointed out — Biden’s agenda is their agenda. The party outliers now are the shrinking group of moderates whose votes are still key, but whose views represent a minority of the party.”

Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar, anti-American to the core, somehow has great power now. She recently claimed, “The majority of the agenda that the president ran on that delivered us the House, the Senate and the White House is in the Build Back Better agenda.”

Sen. Bernie Sanders, the longtime backbencher who became popular among the most ignorant Americans by promoting failed socialist policies and relying on grievances, is not as openly bigoted as the Hamas Caucus, yet his overall views line up.

Current party proposals have embraced the octogenarian’s fringe ideas, including free education, subsidized childcare, effectively free rent, and assorted climate lunacy.


Sanders bashes the few Democrats who won’t bow to him, yet but won’t talk to Sens. Joe Manchin or Kyrsten Sinema. In fact, the same man whose ardent supporter tried to assassinate Republican politicians on a baseball field in 2017 refuses to condemn left-wing radicals attacking the Arizonan.

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“They have a right to fight for their ideas, they have a right to get concessions for their ideas, as does every other member of the caucus, but it does seem to me to be basically unfair and undemocratic for two people to say it’s my way or the highway,” Sanders has said many times, showing a lack of understanding of the Senate and a desire for one-party rule.

Other moderate members are wary of all this because the country cannot afford socialist dreams; instead, they believe Democrats are better off producing a more sane agenda. More importantly, several Democrats contend that these confusing policies could create problematic messaging for voters during next fall’s midterm elections. Some Democrats actually have real elections, unlike CPC members in monolithic urban districts from Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Seattle to Boston, Chicago, Minneapolis, and New York City.

But the handful of House Democrats expressing concerns similar to Manchin’s and Sinema’s are mainly confined to the 19-member Blue Dog Coalition, which is half the size it was during the Obama administration.


Most so-called Progressives are children who do not play well with others, and therefore will not make concessions. And their leader is busy throwing temper tantrums even when he gets his way.

If their agenda were so popular with Americans, the CPC would not frantically rush their “once in a lifetime” bills. But like the obsequious media, this progressive cult is way left of mainstream America. Somehow they are heavyweights in the Democrat Party of 2021.




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