Purely Political: Merrick Garland Gets Bullied by Teachers' Unions

Kevin Dietsch/Pool via AP


Due to an alleged increase in inappropriate behavior toward school board officials, Attorney General Merrick Garland instructed the FBI to find those parents who are seeking accountability from taxpayer-funded schools.


Garland’s memo to the federal law enforcement agency is purely political. It follows the National School Boards Association demanding the Biden administration protect schools from parents, who apparently are now akin to domestic terrorists.

Have teachers and school board members come under violent attack? No.

Any honest observer knows most parents are sick of COVID-19 mitigation efforts, like perpetual masking for those at minimal risk, and a bloated education system and teachers’ unions that place students last.

Despite media myths, the United States spends more money per student than any nation, yet lags behind Canada, Estonia, Finland, Germany, New Zealand, and other countries the left usually admires and compares to America.

Many parents are also concerned about curricula like critical race theory, which claims the U.S., of all nations, is inherently racist. Divisive “anti-whiteness” trainings led by rich bigots like Robin DiAngelo are prevalent for K-12 teachers, not just university faculty.


Shouldn’t parents be permitted the right to speak up at school board meetings and demand a say when children are being brainwashed?

During a Virginia gubernatorial debate last week, Democrat Terry McAuliffe disagreed, claiming, “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.” His poll numbers immediately dropped.

Terry, no parents are monitoring classrooms; they’re showing up to public meetings, as is their right, even when met with smug resistance from public officials.

It’s true that some school board meetings have turned rowdy. Democracy is messy, we’ve all been told for years. But nothing occurring necessitates utilizing FBI resources. Focus on real issues, not a sop to the teacher’s unions that have been exposed as villains during the pandemic.



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