Iran Student Demonstrations Continue

In the beginning of the video, they sing a song that has almost become the “student uprising anthem”. It is called “My elementary school mate” and in a way is theme song for anti-IRI protests by students and youth.


At the end of the song, they cheer and chant this slogan: “The Basiji’s association must shut down”, “The Basiji’s association must shut down.”

Then the young student in a red shirt starts speaking to the crowd.

He says: I don’t know why you are famous as a preacher (meaning the mullahs) and how your ancestors gained this title.
I only know that except issuing orders of stabbing, beating, chaining up and may be soon,…killing, You have not done anything for my home. (country)
Maybe only Hafez (Iranian poet & philosopher) has answered me right.
“That Mullahs say one thing when they are preaching in public and do the opposite when in private”.
[Crowd applauds]

The young student in the white shirt takes the mic and says:
We will exercise our rights.
And now it is us and populous prisons, desolated universities and an afflicted society. Student and teacher, both will pay dearly for their criticism (of the regime). That’s it. [applause]


The student in red shirt comes back to the mic.
He continues:
This is Tehran, and we are standing at Polytechnic (university), which is pregnant with children for their country,
and suffering, with pain of a birth, and under the pain of their (mullahs) horses stampede.
It is time for us to be born, ready for hanging and humbly free our land.
(which is to say) That freedom is our right.
He continues:
Friends, with all the problems they (Regime thugs) tried to create for us, this gathering came to another warm ending as always.
crowd chanting:
Basiji get lost, Basiji get lost…..
Then a small part of the old Iranian anthem is heard and at the end crowd chanted:
Death to Basiji, Death to basiji…..


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