Biden Releases Cringy 'Dark Brandon' Coffee Mug Campaign Video

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President Joe Biden has shown he has nothing better to do with his life other than release a campaign video promoting a “Dark Brandon” coffee mug, which is presumably a jab at the name Republicans have used to mock the president.


The term “President Brandon” originated in 2021 during a NASCAR event, when a fiery crowd could be heard chanting a profane anti-Biden chant. The incident was caught on Television while a reporter was interviewing a NASCAR driver named Brandon Brown. Instead of the reporter acknowledging the crowd’s chant, she said they were chanting “Let’s go Brandon.”

Biden shared a video of him drinking his coffee from his “Dark Brandon” mug. Is this how he expects to win?

“A cup of Joe never tasted better,” reads the text accompanying the video of Biden appearing to drink a cup of coffee from a mug featuring his face with glowing laser eyes. “I like my coffee dark,” Biden declared in the video released on X, formerly known as Twitter.

What Biden truly needs is a cup of water to wash down the B12 vitamins to ensure that his dementia is reduced.

Biden is selling his “Dark Brandon” mug for $22 — that’s how bad inflation is. His tweet included a link to his campaign website where the coffee accessory is being sold.

The president faced a series of roasts on X after posting a video of himself drinking coffee.

“Congratulations. In eight seconds flat you turned ‘cup of joe’ from a cute bit of 20th Century slang into the stuff of nightmares,” PJMedia’s Stephen Green tweeted.


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“The ‘great unifier’ is back with a Dark Brandon flex just hours after indicting his main political rival AGAIN,” Republican Rep. Wesley Hunt from Texas tweeted. “When tyrants speak, BELIEVE THEM.”

“Tastes like Bidenomics…” Twitter user “Lords Of War” wrote.

“Bad taste, just like being a coward and having your political opponents arrested,” another user wrote.

Off the Wire podcast host Noel Olinde blasted Biden’s promo as “Max cringe.”


Twitchy’s Doug Powers mocked Biden, joking that the president probably needed to follow a set of notes while doing the coffee mug promo.

“::YOU pick up the mug. YOU pretend to take a sip. YOU put the mug back down. YOU say ‘I like my coffee dark.’ YOU then go to Delaware for 10 days. YOU are to answer no questions whatsoever.::” Powers tweeted.

At a time when inflation is soaring, gas prices are skyrocketing, Russia is in a war with Ukraine, and the United States decays day after day, Biden released a video promoting a coffee mug. This shows exactly where the president’s priorities lie. He is not interested in helping the American people.



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