Faithless Execution in the News

As my friend and publisher Roger Kimball has been good enough to mention, this week Encounter will  release my new book, Faithless Execution. There are few related items about it in the news that I hope you’ll find interesting.


In the Sunday edition of the New York Post, I have an opinion column about the book. In it, I discuss the origins of impeachment in the Constitution. As a legal matter, it is straightforward to prove high crimes and misdemeanors; but impeachment is primarily a political remedy, not a legal one–which means you can have a thousand provable articles of impeachment, but if the public will to remove the president from power is lacking, impeachment is illusory. That’s a big problem if the president is rampantly violating the law: if the Constitution’s three tools for combating presidential lawlessness–elections, Congress’s power of the purse, and Congress’s impeachment power–are not used, the president knows he can ignore the law with impunity. We are then no longer a nation of laws but subjects of executive whim. The Post column is here.


I also had the opportunity a few days back to discuss the book with my friend Ginni Thomas for her “Leaders” series at The Daily Caller. The first segments, which relate to presidential lawlessness in general and the Benghazi scandal in particular, have been posted. You can find them here and here.

Finally, Ruth King has written a very generous review of Faithless Execution at Family Security Matters. It is here.

The book is officially released on Tuesday, but it is already available and I’ll be out and about discussing it over the next few days. Stay tuned.



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