Klavan On The Culture

Corruption at NBC News


Tucker Carlson is on a rampage against the NBC news department’s cover up of the Harvey Weinstein story. Listen especially to The Hill’s media reporter Joe Concha, starting around six minutes in:

“Seven and a half hours after this story broke on Thursday,” Concha says, “The NBC Nightly News, which is watched by eight million people, did not cover it. So that’s the news side. Entertainment side of NBC, you have Seth Meyers and Jimmy Fallon didn’t do any jokes on Harvey Weinstein for five nights. Then you have Saturday Night Live… there were jokes on Weinstein and then suddenly they didn’t appear on air. So you either believe that those four entities decided it wasn’t a story, or the order, the Code Red, so to speak, came down from somewhere and said we’re not gonna touch this until they absolutely had to because it was blown wide open.”

Concha  then goes on to point out the fact that the tape from Access Hollywood — an NBC property — was mysteriously released with perfect timing to embarrass Trump before the second presidential debate.

It all adds up to a story of deep and pervasive media corruption.