Four Podcasts Truly Worth Your Time

Laura Ingraham’s site LifeZette has a post up now called Four Podcasts Truly Worth Your Time. The story by Zachary Leeman recommends two of the biggest casts available — Joe Rogan’s and Adam Carolla’s — plus one called Tell ‘Em Steve-Dave and one I particularly like called The Andrew Klavan Show.


The podcast from novelist and conservative Andrew Klavan is the most political on this list, but it’s the creativity and thought he puts into his Daily Wire show that make it stand apart from others. No matter what side of the political aisle listeners might be on, Klavan has a humorous way to sum up everything that makes people feel just slightly better about the news.

He fits in satire and plenty of knocks against Hollywood and politicians. Of all the podcasts tackling politics today, Klavan’s is by far the funniest and most original. It provides a much-needed entertaining take on every week’s overload of political news.

Fact Check: True.



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