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A Win for the Deep State

After weeks of scurrilous assaults by the Democrat-Media-Deep-State Complex, the deputy attorney general caved and appointed a special counsel to investigate the Trump campaign's alleged ties to Russia. This was a major mistake, a big win for the enemies of freedom.

Nothing against the integrity or honesty of former FBI head Robert Mueller, but as we saw with the investigation into the absurdly trivial Valerie Plame affair during the W. administration,  a virtually untouchable prosecutor and a staff of hungry, ambitious youngsters looking for a big score is a destructive combination. We can expect months or years of fevered headlines and speculation, all of it serving to paralyze tremulous Republicans and thus hamper the Trump agenda.

Congratulations to those who seek to undermine the results of a fair and square election. I'm old enough to remember when Democrats found that idea "horrifying" but I guess things have changed since then. Life comes at you fast.

The Media-Dem-State Complex used its patented Hysterical Wave™ technique to achieve its goal: a poorly substantiated media story from an anonymous Deep State source followed by echo-chamber histrionics from Democrats, then, just as the public catches on to one scam, a new poorly substantiated story followed by more histrionics and so on.

Oh my God! Trump fired Comey to stop the Russia investigation!!!! It's treason!!! Wait, the acting FBI head says that never happened... Oh, but now — oh my God!!!! — Trump released classified information to Russia!!!! Wait, Obama did that half a dozen times and no one said anything. Yes, but now there's a memo from Comey saying Trump tried to stop his investigation — oh my God, it's impeachable!!!! Wait, Comey said under oath that never happened either.

Too late. Special prosecutor. We win.

Well played, dirtbags.

Trump bears plenty of responsibility for this. He's learned a lot since he announced his candidacy and good for him. But he has not learned when to shut his big flapping face. His tweets undermine those who try to defend him so that they stop wanting to defend him. His bluster and exaggeration weaken his self-defense. And his changing storylines make him untrustworthy. As much as I disagree with Deputy Attorney General Ron Rosenstein's decision to appoint a special counsel, it's very possible he just felt Trump had put him in an untenable position. By saying Rosenstein's letter spurred his firing of Comey, then denying it, Trump may have turned Rosenstein into a witness who could no longer oversee the investigation.

Donald. Sweetheart. Baby Doll. Shut the hell up.

But Donald Trump, for all his flaws, is not the danger to the American way of life. The Media-Dem-Deep-State Complex very much is.

Here's Democrat Senator Joe Manchin of the Senate Intelligence Committee, speaking to Tucker Carlson: "I have been out to visit all of our intel sites and meet with all of our intel people. They’re the best in the world. They need to have some type of a correlation, a relationship, a dialogue. The president needs to patch this up."