Klavan On The Culture

"Game Over" Interview with Christian Toto

Christian Toto’s culture website Hollywood in Toto features an interview with me about Game Overthe concluding novel in the MindWar trilogy:

HiT: We’re living in the age of the anti-hero, but the early feedback on “Game Over” finds readers applauding Rick’s conviction and faith. Is that a reaction to modern culture, or simply where you thought his character should go?

Klavan: I’ve written so many anti-heroes. When I look at the corrupt cops and mobsters on TV now, I’m, like, “Dude, I was writing those characters 10 and 15 years ago, and they’re just catching up. I’ve kind of moved on from that and have been trying to rediscover the essence of decency and goodness, what those look like in the modern world and in the fallen world.

HiT: Why do you think anti-heroes are so in vogue?

Klavan: At first, I think it was because they were different. Now I think it’s because they’re the same. What I mean is: artists always want to try new things, new perspectives, and after years of square jawed heroes and heroines, it seemed original and realistic to focus on people with more flaws and peccadilloes. Then, when that worked commercially, the powers-that-be wanted more and more of it. And now, for me, it’s getting a bit old. Listen, my characters are always going to be flawed because people are always flawed, but lately I have been working with more characters who have a moral code and strive to stick to it.

You can read the whole thing here. And buy the book here and here.