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"Must Read Book of the Summer: Werewolf Cop"

Pop culture website Forces of Geek has named my novel Werewolf Cop as one of the “25 Must-Read Books of the Summer.” That’s “Must-Read,” dig, so it’s not a suggestion, it’s an actual command! It’s a good list, chock-full of other books that are not written by me, but what we’re trying to focus on here is the book that actually is written by me. The list describes the book and then concludes with a segment called Why it’s on the list? The answer:

Um…Werewolf Cop set in a real police procedural.  Um…YES!

Okay, that may not be the most articulate review I’ve ever received, but it gets high marks for enthusiasm. Here’s a little more from one of the latest Amazon reviews:

The always-excellent Andrew Klavan spins a new yarn reminiscent of his earlier work, classics such as The Animal Hour, The Scarred Man, and Don’t Say A Word, page-turning novels of gut-wrenching suspense, with psychological plot twists that seem to come out of nowhere, brutal, violent realism, and third-act, wide-eyed resolution that make his books nearly impossible to put down.

Horror fans, especially fans of classic horror, will be especially riveted by the saga of detective Zach Adams… Probably the best author of psychological horror on the market, Klavan delivers on all cylinders… The characters are realistic and interesting, the action is vigorous, and the twists are so stunning at times that you’re forced to read the book a second time in order to understand just how brilliantly you were set up.

And did I mention it’s a must-read. As in must. So since you have no choice, stop procrastinating.

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