TRIGGER WARNING! My New YA Novel Slanders Terrorists!

A nice week for me, with my new novel Werewolf Cop on the stands and being hailed as one of my best, which it is. And terrific Justified guy Nick Searcy signing on to direct the Gosnell movie, which I scripted.


And now — Trigger Warning!!! — the second book in my MindWar trilogy of novels for young adults is out — Hostage Run — and is already being attacked for political incorrectness!

“The continued use of a variety of foreigners as the baddies, including Islamist and Russian terrorists, creates an unrealistic and negative global viewpoint,” says School Library Journal.

Note the “unrealistic.” How much self-righteous dishonesty can you pack into a single word? I mean, whoever heard of Islamist and Russian baddies? School librarians can be a notoriously left wing bunch, though there are many, many great ones.

Ah well. The review from Booklist was not only far more positive, but also way more honest and fair:

“The second volume of Klavan’s genre-blending MindWar trilogy continues to deliver fast pacing. In this episode, readers follow Rick, teen hero and smart game player, and Molly, who was imprisoned by the villains in the first volume. Molly is no shrinking violet, and her eventual release from Smiley McDeath’s gang owes as much to her own wits and athleticism as it does to the intervention of male characters. Because of the complexity of the plot and the generous cast, readers new to the series should begin with the first volume. Those who loved MindWar (2014) will happily fall right into this.”


It’s a fun series to write and to read. So if you can stand the slanders against those poor abused Islamist terrorists and Russian baddies, try it out.


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