Klavan On The Culture

Oscars, Shmoscars

I used to watch the Oscars because people wanted to interview me about them. Not anymore. I just don’t care enough even for that. The Oscars are like an Episcopalian church service: The rituals are still in place and the people in the audience want to believe, but those in charge have lost their faith and rendered the entire exercise meaningless. After all, the Oscars were about celebrating the great American form of mass entertainment, and while there are still plenty of good movies being made, they are no longer being made to entertain the American masses. American Sniper is an important exception…  but Whiplash, Imitation Game, Boyhood, Birdman? I’m not saying these movies aren’t good, but who saw them? Elites. Why should the rest of us show up to watch elites celebrate themselves for entertaining each other? You might tune in for the ladies and their pretty dresses, I guess — perfectly good reason. It is right and fitting that the genetically blessed should make efforts to please the eyes of the rest of us.

Knock yourself out. I’ll be elsewhere.