Mitt for President Under the Klavan Rule!

Mitt Romney has withdrawn from the race for the presidency, finally making him worthy to run for president. If he had run, of course, he would have disqualified himself.


Many people feel that term limits are the only way to curtail the power-hungry arrogance and corruption that infest our ever-burgeoning and oppressive state. But I don’t think term limits are sufficient. I think we have to make sure that those who are elected to office don’t want to be.

Under the new Klavan Rule, named after Jacques Rousseau, any indication that a person wants to run for office immediately disqualifies him from holding that office. Only those who withdraw their names from the competition are eligible, and even then they have to prove themselves so reluctant as to be unwilling to serve if elected. Screaming as they’re dragged out of their houses to the capital would also help.

Under the Klavan Rule, the public would provide a trap door that would open underneath anyone who speaks the words, “I asked myself how I could best serve my country…”, or “isn’t it time a [person in any way like the speaker] had a chance to show what can be done?” Words like “Hope,” “Change,” and phrases like “Back to Basics” would set off alarms that would summon a team bearing tar and feathers.


Mitt Romney has now demonstrated he has the insight and stature to be president … as long as he continues not to run.  If he changes his mind … then no. If only Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, Ben Carson, Lindsey Graham, Rick Perry, and Rand Paul would step down, we would have a crowded field. As things are, I can’t actually think of a qualified GOP pol. No, not one.

As for the Democrats: under the Klavan Rule, even if they don’t run, they can’t run. (See video above!)


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