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The Country of the Blind


“I think that the country could survive four more years of Obama.  But I don’t believe the country can survive in a country full of people who would re-elect him.”  Rush Limbaugh

“In the country of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.” Attributed to Erasmus.

I am delighted that the leader of the free world has finally taken decisive moral action in the Middle East. But I must admit, I am concerned to discover that the leader of the free world is Bibi Netanyahu. As for President Obama, the fact that he has decided to drop some bombs on Iraq in an attempt to stem a humanitarian disaster of his own making is less impressive. The blood of that people is on his hands. If he had not withdrawn our troops — if he had not surrendered George W. Bush’s victory — the horror there would not be happening.

But perhaps it isn’t fair to lay the blame wholly at his feet. He was elected, after all, and fairly elected. While the present chaotic, dangerous and blood-soaked state of the world is in large part the result of his complete cluelessness about the nature of reality, so great a one-eyed fool would not be in charge of things if he had not been chosen by a country of the blind.

Fifty-six percent of American women voted for Obama’s reelection, for instance. And today, because of the president’s perfidious surrender of W’s Iraq victory (which closed down the “rape rooms” of Saddam Hussein) women in Iraq are being sold into slavery — sold into slavery — by the Islamist monsters who have taken up the power vacuum Obama left behind. But don’t worry, Iraqi slave ladies. American women have your back and are, even as you are being sold, taking to the streets to protest the fact that Hobby Lobby won’t pick up the check for some of their birth control.

In the country of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.

What about African Americans? Almost all of them voted for Obama in 2012: 93 percent. The Daily Mail reports that Obama hosted a “Monsters’ Ball” for African leaders this month, taking chummy snapshots with such thugs as President Obiang of Equatorial Guinea who has shot and jailed most of his political opponents since 1979, and runs an economy in which people earn an average of two bucks a day while twenty percent of children die. Also smiling and waving with our first black prez was Paul Biya of Cameroon, ranked number 19 on author David Wallechinsky’s list of “Worst Living Dictators.” American blacks expressed their outrage at Obama’s celebrating the murderers and oppressors of black people by marching in the streets of Fresno, California, to protest the hiring of a white schoolteacher to teach their children.

In the country of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.

Jews? Seventy percent of them voted for Obama. And as Israelis fought to dismantle the terrorist tunnels in Gaza — uncovering a planned Rosh Hashanah Hamas invasion of their nation in the process — Obama’s idiot stooge John Kerry offered ceasefires designed to satisfy Hamas’ every whim. But don’t worry, Israelis, American Jews were out in force in D.C. protesting Israel’s fight for life and condemning the “gratuitous killing” of the people who want to wipe the Jewish state off the face of the earth.

No, I don’t think Obama can be held wholly responsible for the nightmare darkness descending on the world in the absence of American leadership. He won the election fair and square. But he won it in the country of the blind.

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