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Progressing Back to Hatred

The thing you have to love about progressives is that they're ceaselessly progressing into the past. Bigotries and hatreds that should have been left behind long ago continually resurface among them.

Jew hatred went out of fashion for a while after the Holocaust, but leftists are struggling hard to bring it back again.  Note the leftist use of terms like apartheid and genocide in describing Israel – a nation that never commits anything even remotely resembling apartheid or genocide even while it is surrounded by nations that routinely practice religious and sexual apartheid and openly long for the chance to commit genocide. When left-leaning organizations like the Presbyterian Church USA divest in Israel — Israel alone — they are resurrecting an age-old foulness under the cloak of piety, its age-old disguise.

And take a look at this, via our Breitbart friends. The New York Times allowed the Freedom From Religion organization to run a full page anti-Catholic hate ad essentially demanding fewer Catholics be allowed on the Supreme Court. A religious test for government service! One would have thought we'd seen the last of such stuff a century ago. But thanks to the progressive Times, a century ago is right where we're headed.