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Homofascism Should Be Crushed

This blog is — was, shall remain — a friend to gay people. I hope it's a friend to any person who wants to do whatever gives him joy and hurts no one else.

Many of my fellow Christians tell me that homosexuality is a sin. Maybe so, but it's not my sin. And on the off-chance the Gospels mean what they say and I will one day stand before the throne of God and be judged on whether I loved Him and my neighbor, whether I did what I could for the hungry, thirsty, sick, weak, enchained...  well, let's say I've got approximately a lifetime's worth of other things to think about before I start worrying myself over other people's sins.

Anyway, though our laws are steeped in Judeo-Christian principles, one of those principles happens to be the divide between Caesar and God. We are not, nor are we meant to be, a theocracy. Gluttony is a sin, one of the seven deadlies, but Mayor Bloomberg was still an overbearing idiot when he tried to tell us what sort of sodas to drink. Sin is not the government's business, no matter what clever rationales you come up with to make it so.

So should gay people be allowed to marry by law? I look at it this way. There are going to be gay people. They are going to have relationships. Is it better for the state that those relationships be brief, brutish and meaningless or committed, affectionate and long-lasting? You figure it out.