Happy Easter

I’m writing this on Good Friday, the day that marks Christ’s crucifixion: a good day to remember just how hopeless things can seem without really being hopeless at all.


I know a lot of PJM readers are feeling pretty bad about the current political situation. And I don’t mean to happy-face anything. Our country’s in trouble. I’ve never seen a government this lawless, this unconstitutional, this unAmerican and, which in a way is worse, never saw the news media so supine, so frozen in the headlights of their own ill-considered philosophy.

But I did go through the awful Jimmy Carter years — and then there was Reagan and an amazing American quarter century followed. I lived in New York City when you couldn’t run down to the store for a pack of smokes without taking your life in your hands — and then there was Rudy Giuliani and the place was utterly transformed. And all the while those political heroes were working their magic, the media screamed like the Exorcist girl with the demon inside her.

I’m not saying that’ll happen again. Maybe there’s no one around with the Reagan-Giuliani brains and courage. But to those of you who leave comments here and write to me and say there’s no hope, ask yourself what you would have said on the first Good Friday.

And have a happy Easter.


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