Klavan On The Culture

What Difference Does It Make?

When, a year ago, then-incompetent-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton implied to a Senate committee that it made no difference how or why Americans were murdered at the U.S. consulate in Benghazi Libya in September 2012, she gave the impression that she was trying to cover up for her previous dishonesty in blaming the attack on some obscure video that insulted the beliefs of scabrous, wild-eyed, fanatical murderers. The woman who had lost her promised shot at the presidency to a dishonest neophyte Chicago radical had disgraced herself and betrayed our founding values by promising the father of a heroic SEAL killed in the attack that she would bring justice, not to those who had done the killing, but to the schmuck who’d made the obscure video ridiculing the small-minded, bigoted followers of an ideology currently responsible for a majority of the armed conflicts on earth.

Now — in what may be an effort to protect the presidential hopes of the woman who once tried to cover up her husband’s infidelities by lying about a vast conspiracy of her political opponents — the New York Times, a former newspaper, is reporting that yes, indeed, the well-planned September 11, 2012 al-Qaeda attack on the American consulate was not a well-planned al-Qaeda attack but was inspired by an obscure video that no one saw but which insulted those who believe in a vicious and despicable god and kill their fellow man in his name. The maker of the video was sent to prison under pressure from the White House. The killers of the Americans remain unpunished.

But my question to the New York Times is this: What difference does it make?

Either the incompetent Mrs. Clinton engaged in a shameful cover-up of the truth or she shamefully sold out our values for the values of murderous scum. If the attack was committed by terrorists and she knew it, she’s a liar. If the murderers killed because someone insulted their filthy and violent creed with a video, she’s a collaborator with evil. Disgusting in either case.

But thanks for playing, New York Times. Please try again.