Klavan On The Culture

Is The Culture Changing?

A sort of transcript (I don’t think it’s exact) of my radio interview with Kent Covington of World Magazine Radio’s show The World & Everything in It has now been posted online. Aside from discussing my new young adult thriller Nightmare City, Kent and I talked about whether a change in the culture may be on the way. An excerpt:

Kent: Now, you are an unabashed conservative. There aren’t an awful lot of you, as a percentage of the whole, in Hollywood. Are conservative ideas getting any more sunlight in Hollywood these days?

Klavan: I think there’s some. I think something is happening in the intellectual sphere that is going to trickle down into Hollywood very soon. I’m starting to read a lot of academic books that are starting to question some of the assumptions that have undergone this current age and some of the mistakes that we’ve made. The assumptions of relativism, that all cultures are equally valid. All morality is equally valid. The assumptions of materialism. I think those things are coming under question at the very highest level of thought. One of the things we’re seeing that’s really interesting—and a lot of media is trying not to take notice of this trend—is that religion, which by default was always believed to be a populist thing, is becoming a very elite thing. Religion is spreading among the intellectual class, the upper classes, and is really under fire in the lower/middle class. So the more education people have right now, the more likely they are to be religious, which is a really interesting phenomenon. If what I think is going to happen happens—that we’re going to have an intellectual revival of religion— that’s going to change a lot of stuff. It makes a difference whether we’re ‘meat puppets’ as someone once put it, or whether we’re children of God. You start to think about things differently.

You can read the whole thing here.