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Good Deals on my Books!


Seems only right I should point out that two of my young adult thrillers are on sale in e-book form at the moment.

Nightmare City isn't due out until November, but if you buy it now in e-book form it's only $3.99. It's the spooky tale of high schooler Tom Harding, who uncovers a hot story for his school newspaper — and then wakes up one morning to find his town empty, the streets covered in fog, and a voice from beyond the grave speaking to him from his television set.

The Last Thing I Remember is the first book in my bestselling Homelanders series. It tells the tale of Charlie West, a not-entirely-ordinary kid who goes to sleep in his own bed one night and wakes up strapped to a chair being tortured by Islamic terrorists. Could this be one of those cases of workplace violence we hear so much about? You can find out on the cheap until August 26th, when the e-book is on sale for only $1.99 as part of a back-to-school deal.

You can get both these books for Kindle or Nook or other popular e-platforms.