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Sorry to See Michele Bachmann Go

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Once, when I was attending a David Horowitz Freedom Center event — in Florida, I think it was — I wandered into a private meeting between Congresswoman Michele Bachmann and a handful of the center’s big donors. I can’t remember why they let me stay. I think I agreed to clean out the ashtrays or something. Anyway, it was fairly early in Obama’s first term and Michele was outlining her views on the economy and what she considered the proper Republican response to the onslaught of tried-and-false government solutions coming out of the administration.

The woman I heard speaking in that room was as sharp as any politician I’ve ever heard, and a lot sharper than most. Concise, realistic, clear-eyed, strategic — and with a grasp of economic realities that made the president look just plain stupid, which I don’t believe he is.

She was brave too. In the speech she had given at the event, she said, in effect, “Why should we be afraid of expressing our opinions? We’re the ones in the right!” I shouted out, “Sing it, sister!” Which is not like me. But how true is that? Let me help you: it’s very true. And she was as good as her word in the House.

Look, I won’t pretend I agree with her on every issue. I’m to the left of her socially — and certainly, where she sees a homosexual menace threatening the nation, I see gay colleagues, relatives and friends and wish them well.

But our dishonest media used her social opinions and a few meaningless gaffes to depict her as some sort of crazed extremist. She’s not. She’s a smart, tough lady with more sense in her head than any six Nancy Pelosis and more integrity, I suspect, than a dozen Harry Reids. I’m not sure why she’s decided not to run for another term, but I admire her and like her and I’m sorry to see her go.

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