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Want to Occupy Something? Occupy Gaza!

There’s fighting in Gaza – and at @stevencrowder on Twitter after the Crowder-man weighed in:

Steven’s getting slammed by the Jew-hating left (and oh yes, they are), so you might want to give him your support.

And speaking of Gaza, I’m at the beautiful Breakers hotel in Palm Beach at the David Horowitz Restoration Weekend, where I just listened to a brilliant talk by Wall Street Journal foreign affairs columnist Bret Stephens. As editor-in-chief of the Jerusalem Post, Stephens had supported Israel’s surrender of Gaza, hoping it would force the Palestinians to demonstrate their ability to run a state and garner Israel international cred for its statesmanship and restraint. He now realizes this was wrong in every respect. Gaza became a terrorist outpost. It’s been firing on Israeli civilians since it was let loose in 2005. When Israel took restrained and cautious retaliatory action in 2008, it was slandered in the now-infamous Goldstone Report from the UN – for which the author apologized too late. The Hamas thugs in Gaza went back to hitting Israel and no one said a word. Now Israel is fighting back and we’re hearing the usual whining about how the Jewish nation should behave in such a way as to insure its own destruction, rather than crushing these Islamist villains as they deserve.

For my money? Israel should go in there and just take the place over again. The left likes to Occupy everything, right? Well, Occupy Gaza, baby. It’s got to be an improvement over this.

The best line in Stephens’ speech: “I’m in favor of a two-state solution, if the other state is Canada.” I had my own take on that: