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Two New Books to Pre-Order

You can do your little all to support the culture — and the culture commentator — by pre-ordering my new books, one coming out this fall, one this winter.

First, is If We Survive, out in November.

An adventure geared toward young adults, If We Survive follows a small group of kids who have gone to Central America to help rebuild a school. While they're there, however, a Communist revolution breaks out, specifically targeting Americans for death. Now these high schoolers have to evade the militia, cross the jungle and make it to the border if they ever want to see their homes again.

Then, in January, comes A Killer in the Wind.

This one's for adults: a story of an NYPD undercover cop recovering from a breakdown and carrying a torch for a fantasy — a woman named Samantha whom he hallucinated in the depths of his madness, a dream girl who doesn't exist. Working as a small town cop, he receives a call to recover a "floater" from the river. He finds a body washed up on the banks of the Hudson. It's Samantha. And whoever was hunting her, is now hunting him as well.

Check out If We Survive and A Killer in the Wind and please let me know how you like them.