My Strange Trumpian Glee

Right this moment, I’m gleeful. I admit it. I own it. It is what it is. I spent a certain amount of last week checking in with anti-Trumpian friends, trying to get them to bring me down to earth, but it just hasn’t worked. I won’t say I feel pretty, because it’s not like I’ve gone insane or anything. I’m just really, really liking our Orange Overlord so far.


I opposed Trump in the primaries and, after long thought, voted for him with sorrow but without a qualm. His antics offended me. The name-calling, the vicious fact-free attacks on his opponents (that nonsense about Ted Cruz’s father and Lee Harvey Oswald still rankles), the fascistic calls to beat up hecklers and the failure to denounce bigots. Plus the vague policies and outlandish promises (only I can fix!). I believe at one point I called the man a reptile. Sad! Bigly.

But so far, by my lights, he’s doing great. He promised he would appoint the best people. He has. Obama’s regulatory tyranny needs to be reversed and destroyed and this is the gang that could do it.

Rex Tillerson — love him. This stuff about him being cozy with Vladimir Putin — don’t buy it. Of course he doesn’t want to call Putin a war criminal before sitting down to talk with the war criminal — that’s the frustrating nature of diplomacy. But his critique of our handling of the Crimea annexation was tough and smart. And after years of Hillary Clinton’s incompetence and John Kerry’s stupidity, he looks great to me.

Jeff Sessions likewise. That John Lewis diatribe about segregation and racist Democrats setting dogs on people. “We don’t want to go back.” What the bloody hell was he talking about??? Kudos to the guy for fighting the good fight back in the day. But dude, what on earth has any of that got to do with Sessions? Every Borking slander against him has been proven false or suspect. His record on civil rights is strong.


When Trump struck back against Lewis with a typical tweet — “Congressman John Lewis should spend more time on fixing and helping his district, which is in horrible shape and falling apart” — the fake news boys at CNN and ABC and the rest obliged with typical MSM headlines (“Trump Lashes Out At Civil Rights Icon,” etc.) But in general, Trump’s right. Democrat programs have left black neighborhoods in shambles. Eight years of corrupt political hacks like Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch have set city crime spiraling upward. Jeff Sessions is a good man who’ll do a good job.

And then there’s the press. Nothing against Jim Acosta, who was doing his job, but Trump was right about CNN’s coverage. It’s biased trash. They — and the New York Times and the networks — have turned a blind eye for eight years of scandal while Obama turned Washington into a Chicago-like Democrat machine. Now, suddenly, in their hatred for Trump, they’ve rediscovered their journalistic testosterone and we’re supposed to respect them for it? Screw ’em. As long as Trump doesn’t do anything really evil like turn the IRS on his enemies or acquire journalists’ phone records or persecute political opponents or scuttle FOIA requests (all of which Obama did), the First Amendment will survive a president who knows how to stand up for himself against the MSM Lie Factories.

Finally, his presence is having a positive effect on the economy — and he’s not even in office yet. If it was always that easy to turn things around, where was Obama these past eight years? Oh yeah, funneling our money to his pals at Solyndra and on Wall Street.


Look, I don’t care if the Trump fan-bots rail against me, Trump is an unreliable chap, to put it mildly. He doesn’t know what he doesn’t know and he throws away his promises too easily and a lot of his instincts are leftist in the worst way. Everything he’s done so far could be scuttled on the rock of his personality.

But that hasn’t happened yet and every day is another day. And today, after eight years of a dishonest, undemocratic, anti-American scold in the White House, I am feeling gleeful. Almost pretty. Okay, gleeful.


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