The True Meaning of Slutgate

Life circumstances have kept me from writing my usual Monday blog on time – sorry about that. But here’s what I want to say.

I want to comment on the commotion over Rush Limbaugh’s use of the word “slut” to describe law student Sandra Fluke. Fluke, as you know, argued before a house congressional committee that women need taking care of. That is, if they should take it into their fluffy little heads to have sex with someone, they can’t be expected to manage the consequences all by their little selves. Someone else has got to pay for their contraception – preferably a big strong man like Barack Obama. Barack Obama has lots and lots of money. Chicks dig that. In fact, he’s so powerful, he just took the money from other people. What a turn on for girly girls like Sandra!


Anyway, Rush called her a slut, probably hoping that that sort of ungentlemanly behavior toward women would land him a show on HBO like that super cool Bill Maher, who called Governor Sarah Palin the c-word (whatever that is) and entertained guests who fantasized about raping Michele Bachmann.  If only Rush could get a show like Bill Maher then he could be bitter and irrelevant too – probably the only things missing from Rush’s life.

So now the left is calling for Rush’s head and the right is arguing hotly that the left says equally misogynist things and even sometimes dumps their women into the water and then leaves them there locked in a car to drown while they go back to their hotel to chat with their friends and call their lawyer. And yet a leftist killer of women can go on to become the Lion of the Senate, and even a piece of work like James Carville who implied one of his boss’s sexual harassment victims was trailer trash gets a network gig. Hey, maybe Rush was trying to get a network gig like James Carville!

Where was I?

Oh yeah. Before we were talking about sluts, we were talking about contraception and about how every girl should get her contraception paid for.  Dinner too. And flowers. They like that.

But notice something no one is talking about? Try and think what it might be. Correct! It’s the First Amendment of the Constitution. Which Barack Obama shredded by insisting religious institutions pay for what he thinks they should pay for instead of what they believe they should pay for. Also the free market. Which Barack Obama illegally violated by using the power of government to tell private insurance companies what services they have to provide.


No one is talking about those things, because the leftist media knows how to skew the narrative so that all of us – not just them, but every single one of us – is talking about what they want us to talk about instead of what we should be talking about: the real news, the real issues. The left’s illegal abuse of power.

Backed by our ideologically corrupted media, the left is very, very good at narrative skewing.

So now, ask me if I miss Andrew Breitbart. Go on. Ask me.

Yes, I do.


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