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July 3rd, 2014 - 5:33 am

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Yeah, well, I am glad Romney lost. The Dems need to get the blame for this craptapulence. Romney would not have had enough time to get OCare functional, and the bad rollout would have been a Republican sabotaging OCare. Romney would have been the incompetent one.

The other scandals would not have happened, and the Dems would be smelling like a rose, right now.

Yes, there is pain to America, but people will not change until the pain is sufficient. I think a few more lashes ought to do it.
15 weeks ago
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Not a one of them realizes that Republicans predicted all this. Well, nothing to do for it but vote for Hillary. We just need to get the right people in there.
16 weeks ago
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From your lips to....
16 weeks ago
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