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The Ott Amendments

May 1st, 2014 - 5:21 am

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BILL, Bill; You must read Mark Levin's book. If nothing else read his 11 proposed amendments, his explanation of these amendments and why the Convention for Amendments could not be taken over by radical extreme liberals. Please do not call this Article V Convention for Amendments a "Constitutional Convention"...It is Not the same thing.
42 weeks ago
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The Constitution is fine. The problem is nobody holds those in government office accountable when they violate it. And by "hold accountable", I don't mean a fine or a slap on the wrist.

Perhaps the one new amendment we really need is one that spells out those penalties. Really, really unpleasant penalties.
43 weeks ago
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As always, I agree in nearly all ways with Bill Whittle. The constitution isn't the problem, the unwillingness of the three branches of the federal government to abide by it is the problem. A new constitution isn't going to change that. I also agree that amending the constitution should be a long painful process, I fear what we would get if we locked a bunch of lawyers and politicians a room and didn't let them come out until they agreed on a new governing document.

Stephen, your point is right that this new constitution would then have to go through a ratification process, but given they way it was created, it will be a process with thoroughly greased wheels--it will get 10 maybe 20 states right out of the gate and we can only hope there is time and opportunity for serious consideration before that 36th state signs on.

Until we get a sizable group of media savvy articulate conservatives adept at arguing the conservative point of view, I fear the result more than I fear stasis.
43 weeks ago
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