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Secretary of State Steely Dan

April 8th, 2014 - 3:23 pm

The headline is what popped into my head a moment ago when iTunes dished up the Dan’s “Blues Beach” and I remembered the line, “Things may get a whole lot worse/Before suddenly falling apart.”

You also getting the feeling that’s the edge our toes are dangling over right now?

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All Comments   (4)
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WTF was that? Not one of Steely Dan's best-- not in the same league as Black Cow, etc.
What was the deal with the new world record?
As for the cute young ladies reading the Chicago Manual of Style-- it may be different now,
but when I was an undergrad (History major, English minor--gasp!) the Chi Book was
THE Bible for how to put together a research paper. Nice to see some things have not gon
out of "style."
16 weeks ago
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That's "Blues Beach" off the Dan's 2003 album, "Everything Must Go." Sadly, that's also their most recent album.
15 weeks ago
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It's always darkest just before things go completely black.
16 weeks ago
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The thing that I keep dwelling on is Yellen's trotting out examples of unemployed people to defend her policies. It was intellectually empty. The fact that there is someone unemployed doesn't support policy to pump up the stock market (nor does it support an opposite policy. It doesn't support anything). She is using emotionally-charged examples to deflect attention from Fed actions that aren't defendable anymore. That is really frightening.

16 weeks ago
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