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Stop Me If You Think I’ve Heard This One Before

March 27th, 2014 - 11:55 am

The more domestic spying changes, the more it stays the same:

According to the legislative proposal that President Obama publicly endorsed Tuesday before a foreign audience at the Nuclear Security Summit, the systematic collection of users’ data would no longer remain as a responsibility of the National Security Agency. If the proposed legislation were to be enacted, phone companies would retain all the data.

This move would take the focus from the NSA as the main collecting agent to the companies, allowing NSA agents to still gather info on phone user records by obtaining permission from a judge. This permission would include the need of a mandate, which can only be acquired using a yet vague court system, much like the FISA courts.

The administration has asked the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to renew the collection program as it exists for more 90 days. If the bill passes, changes to the FISA system would have to be considered.

The only change Professor Ditherton Wiggleroom has proposed is whose hard drives would hold your metadata. FISA courts are a rubber stamp on a fig leaf over a justification.

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Nothing's changed, they'll spy on you, yes they'll spy on you only slightly
Only slightly less than they used to.
48 weeks ago
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Don't worry. I'm sure the cell phone providers holding our metadata will be at LEAST as competent in securing the servers it resides on as, say, Target.

Sleep tight.
48 weeks ago
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