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Another Fine Case of Progressive Projection

March 11th, 2014 - 11:40 am

Danny Vinik for The New Republic:

Republicans like to promise things they can’t deliver, like huge tax cuts that pay for themselves or health reform plans that don’t disrupt the existing system. And that’s made life difficult for Democrats trying to propose initiatives that, in order to accomplish real goals, come with real costs. But lately Republican delusions about policy have hobbled somebody else: Members of their own party trying to show that, yes, the GOP can govern responsibly.

You should read the rest of Vinik’s report just as soon as Democrats fully implement their healthcare “reform” law — on time and on budget.

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Just as the end of the Cold War came about through Gorbachev's flexibility in the face of Reagan's intransigence, so the post-2016 recovery will show the success of Obamanomics despite intervening Republican 'reforms'. I confidently predict it.
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