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Your ♡bamaCare!!! Fail of the Day [PM Edition]

March 10th, 2014 - 2:46 pm

Megan McArdle looked at the people who are actually buying insurance on the new exchanges and concludes:

The positive way to look at this is to note that the number of uninsured people who had purchased insurance increased dramatically by February:


The negative way to look at this is to note that, even so, the majority of activity in the market comes from the previously insured, who are mostly replacing prior coverage.

Or we could conclude that ♡bamaCare!!! causes people to lose their coverage, then takes credit for selling them new, and often worse coverage. Megan adds:

Worse, the number of previously insured people who had not enrolled in a qualified health plan by the end of February was almost twice the number of previously uninsured people who had. That’s the opposite of the effect this law was supposed to have.

And that’s still looking at the law in isolation, without taking into account it’s external unintended consequences on the labor market and economic growth.

That Means It’s Working™.

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Why are the extensions coincident with the re-election cycles? Wouldn't deadline extensions represent items requiring repair directly tied to legislation within the current term of the sponsor of that legislation? I thought there was an urgency to help the uninsured, the canceled, and the run-away expense? Not so important anymore? Show some accountability and responsibility to fix it by leading the effort to rework the law in a bipartisan way with actual identification of problems and solutions and honest cost projections and the taxes that will be added month by month as this monstrosity hits the retail market. So far where has the GOP been wrong about any of this? Where is the evidence that any of this will ever work, much less a single-payer system where a foreign national can arrive by plane and check themselves into a hospital at effectively no cost as well as any person belatedly insured? And every detail of our lives is now under legally sanctioned scrutiny if it can be linked to forcing us to be "healthier" to "reduce" healthcare costs. Additionally, the IRS, can debit as it pleases from your checking account, now the bill collectors to guaranteed premiums of insurance companies that will continue making greater profits. Try to work that refund out. What I can't understand is why doesn't anyone in the Democratic arena see that healthcare insurance is not the central issue in healthcare. It is service providers and the technology applied that determine real costs and reduces costs and offers the greatest return on investment. Why not prove the Obamacare idea by expanding the VA Hospital system and opening its services to the public testing, every concept of the ACA. If it is a better way, either everyone will join the VA or competition will change accordingly to match the higher quality and lower costs that everyone is so sure will result with these new ridiculous "better" government plans and their obscene deductibles and loopholes. We should have committed a billion dollars to an X Prize instead to provide the highest healthcare for the lowest costs under a new provider model that could serve us a thousand times better than the Democrats nodding in their wisdom professing the extensions have nothing at all to do with their re-elections.
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It's working just as he planned, on second thought he is not bright enough to create a folly this splendid. He had to wait until it passed to know what was in it and I would guess if you queried him about the workings of this quagmire he would just grin and umm aah ummm, get me a teleprompter.
51 weeks ago
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Thanks, Steve and Megan for staying on top of the train wreck.

My insurance co (NY Life) decided to get out of the health insurance business as of 12/31/13. They were the underwriter of a professional group policy that likely has/had thousands of insured in the group. We were notified of the pending cancellation in August and told in September of our group setting up its own "exchange" to allow purchase of a new Obamacare compliant policy. We ended up with a policy that includes non-optional pediatric dentistry (we're in our 50's and last needed pedi dent in '03) and with the inability to get our payments recorded timely. But that's ok, because our new insurer (BCBS) keeps extending the due dates to deal with the train wreck. All this without having to go through the O'care exchange. We still lost probably a net day or two of earning hours chasing the new insurance...

All y'all with company plans that will die this year, regardless of O'xecutive Order, best be ready.
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