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Who Do You Fear?

January 30th, 2014 - 5:00 am

Part II of Bill Whittle’s three-parter on executive lawlessness.

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I have a game for The Three Amigos. Guess which one of these is not true.

(by the way, who do I fear? I fear the lack of resistance)

He said he felt "excitement about manipulating people and convincing them to believe things that aren't true"

The speaker in that statement is:

A) Barack Obama caught off mic just before he delivered the SOTU speech

B) John Kerry's to his Iranian counterpart describing what it feels like to get a deal like the one surrendered in Geneva

C) Michael Moore describing his lifetime achievements in film

D) an award winning EPA employee discussing Trojan Horse anti-capitalism programs instituted in three phases, while he skipped work posing as a CIA agent

Ok, ok...the last entry is a little too far fetched, not even a B Movie would accept that ridiculous scenario... but one of these four is true...well, at LEAST one.
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