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Trash Can Mac

January 17th, 2014 - 1:56 pm


Yes, the new Mac Pro has been often compared to a trash can. Which makes me wonder who is buying so many machined and anodized trash cans with a mirror finish?

All that aside, one Hackintosh builder went and made himself a Mac Pro clone out of an actual trash can.

I’m tempted to commission him.

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I dunno. Maybe for a Mac Pro clone it might be worth it.

But just a quick pass over some of the hackintosh sites suggested hardware lists and it didn't seem to me to be worth the effort.

I was up to nearly $600 for a mini clone, before a hard drive and Wifi.

For most other Macs, as you approach the $1K mark, it seems more sensible to simply throw a few more shekels in the pot and get the real McCoy.
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