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Your ♡bamaCare!!! Fail of the Day [Sunday Edition]

January 12th, 2014 - 12:11 pm


Avik Roy:

On January 9, health insurance bellwether Humana formally announced something that industry observers have long suspected: that healthy and young people don’t think Obamacare’s insurance plans are a good deal for them. Those people, Humana indicated, are choosing to stay on their previous health plans, where allowed, instead of participating in the Obamacare exchanges. As a result, Humana “now expects the risk mix of members enrolling through the health insurance exchanges to be more adverse than previously expected.”

I have nothing to add, because “I told you so” seems gauche. Instead I’ll leave you with a question from Roy:

Will taxpayers have to pick up the bill for the Obama administration’s last-minute changes to the law?

Bailouts now, bailouts tomorrow, bailouts forever!

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All Comments   (3)
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No need to even ask that question.
48 weeks ago
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Next question?
48 weeks ago
48 weeks ago Link To Comment be more adverse than previously expected.

I'm always amazed at how clueless business leaders can be. No doubt they are intelligent, a certain amount of intelligence is needed to run a big organization, but they seem to get this sort of thing wrong on a regular basis. Hence, clueless.
48 weeks ago
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