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Paging Dr. Thomas Hendricks

October 18th, 2013 - 3:11 pm



Under tremendous pressure to keep costs down and profits up, Moore said he’s concerned that commercial insurers will pay doctors less for patient visits and services than either Medicaid or Medicare.

Many doctors, he argues, won’t be able to cover their costs with such skimpy fees. Moore scoffed, “Who’s going to sustain the losses? The insurance companies? It’s basically going to be a race to the bottom.”

Despite a much publicized rollout, many other doctors said they haven’t decided whether to become ObamaCare providers, because they haven’t been notified by insurers or the state about ­reimbursement rates.

“I have not spoken with anyone who has made a decision to participate in the exchanges. We simply don’t have any information about which we can make a decision,” said Dr. Paul Orloff, president of the New York County Medical Society.

My best advice? Stay healthy.

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According to Open Secrets, Unterrict donated to the AMA, that lefty bunch of physicians who supported Obamacare. I bet he also voted for Obama. In fact, I bet every doctor quoted in the article voted for him, twice.

Any chance that the Party of Stupid is scoping out such people for conversion prospects?
1 year ago
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"Moore claims that President Obama made a big mistake by requiring uninsured residents to obtain medical coverage from for-profit insurers through the ObamaCare health exchanges instead of through public health programs like Medicaid."

That's not a mistake at all. It's the plan. Much like the "plan" in Papillon.
1 year ago
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